Friday, June 5, 2015

Book Pick: TAMING TORI [Texas Boys Falling Fast Book 3] By Jan Romes

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I initially purchased this book simply because my name is Tori and I loved the synopsis. I had to purchase it. With that being said, Taming Tori was a fun read. You will fly through the pages and find the end quite terms of the "mean girl" attitude adjustment and realizing that Jake and Tori would actually find a way to make their love work after all the drama.

Grab Taming Tori by Jan Romes today and enjoy a perfect summer read.

As always...happy reading!

Synopsis via Amazon:

Jake Garrison is an all-around nice guy who tries to stay out of the limelight despite being considered one of Dallas’s most eligible and wealthy bachelors. He’s down-to-earth and a quiet people-pleaser until someone pushes his buttons. Tori Caye not only pushes his buttons, she pulls him into her special kind of chaos with tears and those sexy amber eyes.

Tori Caye is a mean-girl debutante whose sense of entitlement exhausts even those close to her. After her fiancé of two years calls off their engagement, she throws herself into the arms of Jake Garrison and tries to manipulate him while trying to maintain her uppity disposition.

The attraction between Jake and Tori is off-the-charts, but it’s game-on when he thinks he can tame Tori, and when Tori tries to bend him to her will.

Taming Tori is available in paperpack, e-book and is available to read for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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