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Blazing Book Series By Mallory Monroe!!! MOB BOSS SERIES 1-10 / TOMMY GABRINI 1-3 / SAL GABRINI 1-3 --- FULL LISTING

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I've blogged about many captivating reads. In doing so; highlighting the authors who create rich, deep and complex characters that make the read that much more interesting.

I recall reading the novel, 'The President's Girlfriend' by Mallory Monroe and was instantly intrigued to read more novels by Ms. Monroe. I learned that the story of Dutch and Gina from the 'President' series had additional installments and therefore their story continued. To date, while I've only read four novels in the 'President Series'; I recommend the series and will definitely read the entire series at some point. (This isn't the first time I've blogged about Dutch and Gina's story.)

With all that being said... I knew I had to do a post about the crazy good novels by author Mallory Monroe. While I've done a few entries on some of the books, I felt the series needed yet another post here.

Mallory Monroe's Mob Boss Series and the pin-off series, The Gabrini Men series (Tommy Gabrini and Sal Gabrini) are all worthy of a place on your bookshelf, whether its tangible or virtual.

The combination of drama, love, hate, passion, revenge, betrayal, redemption and shocking plot twists are weaved into a delectable writing style by Ms. Monroe that leaves the reader on a page turning frenzy to find out what happens next.

As for me, I've read the Mob Boss Series over time and have read up to book 8 in the Mob Series, 'Tommy Gabrini 2: A Place in His Heart' and 'Romancing Sal Gabrini 2: A Woman's Touch'. So I look forward to continuing each series.

My next reads in the series will be 'Tommy Gabrini 3: Grace Under Fire' and 'Sal Gabrini 3: Hard Love'. Can't wait. Excellent summer reads. Take a peek at the listing of the books in order.

Be sure to also visit Mallory Monroe's official website for more novels and updates:

Mallory Monroe's Official Website

As always... Happy reading!



ROMANCING THE MOB BOSS - Synopsis Via Amazon:

Trina Hathaway is a waitress in a Las Vegas strip joint who spends a romantic evening with a good looking hunk she met at the club. Hoping to see him again, but not disappointed when she doesn’t, she goes on with her life.

But a week later, when she interviews for a job at the renowned PaLargio Hotel and Casino on the Vegas Strip, and discovers that the owner of the hotel is the man she had slept with, a man who very much wishes to rekindle what they had captured that passionate night, her entire life spirals into a new and dramatic world where family ties and ever-increasing violence ropes them in.

Reno Gabrini is a man’s man who knew, the first time he spent an evening with her, that Trina was the woman for him. But he soon discovers that capturing her heart is not going to be as easy as ordering his minions around, especially with his mob connections that keeps their romance in a constant state of uncertainty. But his love for Trina makes him bound and determined to do all he can to keep her, even if it means forsaking all others.

In an interracial romance that tests the very essence of love, Reno and Trina discovers that there are no easy answers, and no perfect endings, but that their love and devotion to each other can help them find the way.

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MOB BOSS 2: THE HEART OF THE MATTER - Synopsis via Amazon:

Reno and Trina are back, but this time the hounds of hell are on their trail. Their marriage isn’t a day old before Reno’s enemies conspire against him and end up targeting his own wife. 

Reno, a man of honor who never starts a fight but will always finish one, refuse to let anyone get away with disrespecting him. He fights back, but he doesn’t even know who the enemy is anymore. And he soon discovers that protecting his wife isn’t going to be as simple as keeping her under his thumb.

Trina, too, is concerned by the tumultuousness of their lifestyle as Reno’s overly protective, Alpha-male behavior becomes almost unbearable for her. She, too, fights back, but she discovers that taming Reno isn’t going to be as simple as doing it her way. Both are determined to make their brand new marriage work, but the odds begin to stack against them.

But when Reno finds out he has a son from a previous relationship, and his son is being used as a pawn by his enemies, the game changes again. And Reno and Trina begins to discover that not only is their way of life under attack, but their very love for each other as well.

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Reno and Trina are back, but this time they bring hunky Tommy Gabrini and his tall, gorgeous, African-American ladylove along for the ride.

When Reno returns to Vegas to reignite his love affair with Trina, his blissfulness is interrupted by news that his sister has gunned down the son of a prominent mob boss.

After a devastating retaliation, another mob war seems inevitable unless Reno is able to outsmart his clever adversaries. He enlists the aid of ShoShawna Shanks, a beautiful lone wolf hired gun and the one woman able to keep Tommy Gabrini’s attention.

Tommy and Shawna seek to rekindle their tumultuous love affair, while Reno and Trina seek to hang onto theirs. But forces even they didn’t see coming tries to tear them all apart, and to do so by any means necessary.


Reno Gabrini relocates his wife Trina far away from the bright lights of Vegas. They settle in a small Georgia town where Reno runs a restaurant and Trina volunteers at a community center.

All is at peace with the world as Trina meets Sully, a gorgeous local bachelor who becomes her friend and confidante, and Reno meets Nell, a woman from his past who becomes his right hand assistant. But trouble comes to paradise when Sully decides that Reno doesn’t deserve a woman like Trina, and he wants her for himself. And although Reno makes it clear that he has no intentions of sharing his wife with any man, Sully refuses to give up what quickly becomes his obsession. And when Nell’s seventeen year old son is accused of a horrible crime, and she is forced to turn to Reno for help, Reno discovers a shocking secret.

Not only does he have a son he didn’t know he had, but the reason for the accusations against his son points back to those mob ties Reno has never been able to sever.

In an explosive interracial love story, Reno and Trina find their relationship tested time and again as they seek to balance their new life in Georgia with their old mob connections from Vegas. And when those connections become deadly, Reno knows he didn’t start the fight, but it’s up to him to finish it. And it’s also up to him to keep his gorgeous wife from being stolen from him by a friendly, but determined lover.


When gorgeous tough guy Reno Gabrini finds out that his lady love Katrina is pregnant, he becomes a nervous wreck. He does everything in his power to protect her from forces real and imagined, and to make her pregnancy move along as smoothly as possible.

Trina, in turn, does everything in her power to deal with his controlling ways. She also has to deal with a woman with her eyes on Reno, a best friend in serious need of her help, and in-laws with their eyes on mayhem. But Reno’s love for her and her devotion to him trumps any setbacks they face, even as their challenges create tensions in their interracial marriage that they didn’t see coming.

But Trina knows her own worth and the worth of her man, and she fight every foe that seek to destroy their union. Reno, also, remains steadfast and determined to keep his family together, even if it means tearing some of them apart.

A Mob Boss Christmas is a love story about romantic entanglements and the kind of enduring love able to withstand the fiery darts of doubt, seduction, and sexual need in its barest form

MOB BOSS 6: THE HEART OF RENO GABRINI #6 - Synopsis via Amazon:

Reno Gabrini believes his number one job is to protect his family. His beautiful wife, Trina, and their two sons are the very reason he gets out of bed every morning. But when he returns home from a business trip to find his wife partnering with people he barely knows, a gold digging female attempting to worm her way into the family, and a lovesick son with a dead body in his trunk, he knows his job has gotten that much harder.

He takes charge, believing there’s more going on than meets the eye, but his family insists he’s overreacting and is being, as usual, overly protective of them. Until the lid blows off of their idyllic life and plunges all of them into a world of passion and obsession where Reno begins to believe that all of their unsolicited drama may be disguising another mob war.

In the sixth installment of the Mob Boss series, Reno Gabrini comes face to face with his greatest fears and is forced to put it all on the line in ways that nearly costs him everything.

RENO'S GIFT: MOB BOSS 7 - Synopsis via Amazon:


The entire Gabrini clan comes together in this explosive new interracial romance about love, and lost, and family.

Reno Gabrini is the ultimate family man. Although he works harder than he should, and often finds it difficult to spend the kind of quality time he deeply wants to spend with his family, whenever they need him, he is always there. That’s why, when Tommy and Grace need a break after Grace suffers a traumatic event in Seattle, Reno urges them to come to Vegas and be with the family.

Sal Luca also comes along for the ride, to the delight (and anguish) of Gemma Jones, and Jimmy begins to come into his own as Reno’s right hand man. But Reno’s love of family is put to the test in a dramatic way when the ghosts of his past attempts to spook him again. And the love affair he has with his wife becomes the only source of strength he has, until that, too, gets tested.

The seventh installment of the Mob Boss series finds Reno and Trina, Tommy and Grace, and Sal and Jimmy Mack celebrating life and family, even as the past seeks to undermine their joy.

RENO GABRINI: A MAN IN FULL #8- Synopsis via Amazon:


Vegas casino owner Reno Gabrini just wanted to take it easy. His beloved PaLargio was back in business and turning profits like the good old days. His headliner act, pop sensation Shay Grayson, was packing the house and making amends for her diva ways. His gorgeous African-American wife, Trina, was working hard to make her own mark on the business world and was holding her head up high despite rumors of his infidelity. His sons were happy, healthy, and completely devoted to their father.

All, Reno thought, was right with the world. Until his oldest son falls in love with a ruthless woman almost twice his age, his wife reestablishes contact with a man he told her to stay away from, and he is nearly destroyed by an enemy that targets, not his mind, soul, or body, but his heart.

In the latest installment of the romantic Mob Boss Series (Book Eight), Reno Gabrini must confront the ghosts of his past as he seeks to protect his family from a subtle, but just as dangerous, foe.

RENO AND TRINA: GETTING BACK TO LOVE #9 - Synopsis via Amazon:


Trina Gabrini, the gorgeous African-American wife of powerful hotel mogul Reno Gabrini, suffers a terrible loss and can’t seem to move on as easily as she thought she would.

Now situations she used to be able to dismiss, like rumors of her husband’s infidelity and allegations of his mob connections, are beginning to take their toll. She wants out. She wants to stop the world and get off. But she doesn’t know how.

Hunky Reno Gabrini is a man determined to do everything in his power to keep his family safe and together. But his enemies won’t cooperate. Threats are made, decisions enforced, and problems mount.

But when his beloved wife Trina becomes the source of those problems, he has to summon all of his will and talent, not as a fierce leader, but as a lover, to hold onto his wife.

In the ninth installment of the popular Mob Boss Series, Reno and Trina must battle gangsters, women, fate, and each other, in their quest to stay together.

RENO AND SON: DON'T MESS WITH JIM  #10 - Synopsis via Amazon:

Italian powerhouse Reno Gabrini is happy with his life in Vegas. His beautiful African-American wife is his partner in the bedroom and in the boardroom, and is keeping him in line and all of his female groupies at bay. His newborn girl and young son are healthy and well-adjusted children, and his oldest son, Jimmy Mack, is fast becoming a man. Maybe too fast.

Jimmy Mack Gabrini has always had a contentious relationship with his powerful father, and it has only grown more impassioned throughout the years. His dream is to make his father proud, but he keeps falling short. It doesn’t help that even his girl, Val Wellstone, finds his father sexy as hell too and can’t seem to stop singing his praises, and his father seems to return the affection. But when enemies conspire to do Val harm and Reno wants to take the lead, Jimmy asserts himself in a way that Reno always knew was coming, but not this soon.

It becomes so explosive that Tommy and Sal Gabrini are called in to lend a hand as lives are saved and lost, hearts are mended and broken, and old wounds are finally healed. In the tenth installment of the popular Mob Boss series, Reno and Son live, love, laugh and fight to the death for the women they love, and the family they believe in.


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Mallory Monroe's MOB BOSS series which centers around Reno Gabrini & Trina's drama filled, passionate love story is so popular that a couple of spin-off series launched.

Reno's cousin/best friend Tommy Gabrini is back with a story of his own in ROMANCING TOMMY GABRINI.

Read 'Romancing Tommy Gabrini' and then delve into the sequel. However, I would also suggest you read 'Romancing Sal Gabrini' before you read 'Tommy Gabrini 2: A Place in His Heart'.

Sal Gabrini is Tommy's younger brother and while Sal is a little rough around the edges, he's just as sexy, protective and alpha as Reno and Tommy.

For more good news...the third installments for both Tommy's and Sal's series are now available!

A romantic affair was the last thing Tommy Gabrini was looking for when he attended a dinner party at a friend’s house. He had broken up with his longtime girlfriend five months earlier and was contented to play the field for the rest of his life. But when a gorgeous, sleek, African queen in red walked across his path, he knew something dramatic was about to happen.

Grace McKinsey knew Tommy Gabrini to be a rich, drop dead gorgeous playboy, but what she quickly realized was that he was also attracted to her. On the night of her thirtieth birthday, their passion for each other spills over into passionate love making that they both assumed would be a one-night stand.

But circumstances intervene and soon Tommy and Grace realize that they can’t live without each other, and don’t want anybody else. They have to give love a chance. In a thrilling interracial romance, Mallory Monroe takes her readers on a sensual journey of love, lust and unrequited revenge, where Tommy and his lady love cleave to each other, as outside forces conspire to tear them apart.

 photo 0ec821ad-150c-4671-a341-b2d4761da2b0_zps3d74d55e.jpg

In 'TOMMY GABRINI 2: A Place In His Heart', the claws are out and Tommy's former "friends with benefits" aren't too happy about his new found relationship status with Grace. The drama implodes to an all-time high.

Tommy and Grace's love is tested by outside forces, and an explosive secret rocks their solid foundation. 

Additional deets below.

'Tommy Gabrini 2: A Place In His Heart' - Synopsis:

Tommy Gabrini never dreamed he’d fall in love when Grace McKinsey entered his life. She wasn’t sophisticated enough, his friends declared, or beautiful enough. But Tommy fell hard for the very woman they all dismissed. He even took the step of his life and asked her to be his wife.

His brother Sal warned him that hell was about to go in session when Tommy’s numerous “lady friends” found out about his new lady love. Tommy laughed it off at the time, insisting that his ladies were far too sophisticated to play those kinds of games. But he would soon find out that his brother wasn’t far from the truth.

Yet even then, Tommy could handle that truth. He loved Grace and he didn’t hesitate to make that clear. But when they stopped targeting Tommy, and started setting their sights on Grace, everything changed. Grace worked hard to be her own woman, even as Tommy’s generosity set her up as the CEO of her own company, and she knew not to take the bait of females who wanted Tommy for themselves. But as she battled from within to maintain control of her own company, and battled from without to maintain Tommy by her side, she soon realized that being Tommy Gabrini’s fiancée didn’t come without a price.

A price, she would soon discover, that might be too high to pay. From national bestselling author Mallory Monroe comes a gripping interracial romance where two people discover that love can take strange and unexpected turns, and if they aren't careful, other people’s hate can sneak in and overrule their love.

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Tommy Gabrini 3: Grace Under Fire - Synopsis Via Amazon:

Business mogul Tommy Gabrini, once voted the sexiest man alive by a Seattle magazine, wants nothing more than to settle down in marital bliss with his beloved wife, and live his life far from the fast lane. But women from his past, who remembered just how sexy he truly was, refuses to cooperate.

Businesswoman Grace Gabrini, Tommy’s African-American wife, expected resistance when she married a much sort-after man like Tommy. But she never dreamed it would rise to levels beyond even her wildest imagination. From random phone calls to unsolicited visits, it becomes a living nightmare.

But Grace will not allow their problems to become her problems and she refuses to participate. Until extremes are reached, battle lines are drawn, and Grace, under fire, decides to fire back.
In the third installment of the Tommy Gabrini books, Tommy and Grace try to hold on to their fragile marriage, even as the odds, and his women, stack up against them.

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 'Romancing Sal Gabrini' - Synopsis via Amazon:

Gemma Jones once thought Sal Gabrini could be a keeper. He was, in truth, the man of her dreams. But after she didn’t hear from him when he had promised to stay in touch, she wasn’t thinking about him either.

Even when she travels to his turf, to Seattle, to attend a stuffy lawyer’s convention, she’s bound and determined not to give Sal a second thought. The fact that she had refused his sexual advances probably had everything to do with why he didn’t follow up with her, and she understands that. But that understanding only makes her all the more determined to keep him at arm’s length. She might have been known for her slamming body, but that didn’t mean she wants the man of her dreams to only want her for that body.

But the convention turns out to be so boring that Trina, her friend and business partner, encourages her to give the man a call. If nothing else he can show her the town and ramp down the boredom, her friend insists. So against her better judgment, Gemma phones him. When he doesn’t return her voice mail message later that night, she wants to kick herself for even bothering.

Hunky businessman Sal Gabrini arrives back in town after a trip to Jersey. When he sees where the gorgeously exotic Gemma Jones has left him a message, he realizes how much he actually misses her. He shows up at her hotel, catching her off guard, and that one proactive move takes the pair of would-be lovers on the most tumultuous, yet sexually and emotionally gratifying rollercoaster ride of their lives.

Sal has to decide if he is willing to risk it all for the love of a good woman, and Gemma has to decide if a player like Sal Gabrini can ever truly change and become the man she will need him to be. Their tempers flare, their personalities clash, but their love for each other becomes the cornerstone that could actually make their relationship work.

In the first book by bestselling author Mallory Monroe that focuses on Tommy’s younger brother Sal, ROMANCING SAL GABRINI is an interracial romance that takes the readers on a compelling journey of love, sex, and tears.

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Romancing Sal Gabrini 2: A Woman's Touch - Synopsis Via Amazon:

Italian heartthrob Sal Gabrini has a reputation as a hardnosed former cop who is now a hardnosed wealthy businessman who will fight to the death for what he believes in. If his family is threatened, or his business compromised, he will not rest until payback is complete and final. But even hard men like Sal have a soft spot.

His soft spot is Gemma. Gemma Jones, his beautiful African-American girlfriend, is a woman who speaks her own mind, runs her own business, and refuses to be the female who looks the other way.

Despite rumors of Sal’s mob connections, despite his volatile temper and domineering personality, despite the feisty women from his past, Gemma demands respect from him and he gives it to her. And together their long-distance relationship grows closer and closer.

But when Sal is double-crossed by men who are supposed to be working for him, and the blowback blows back on Gemma herself, he knows he has to restore order in his life before Gemma leaves him, and he has no life to restore.

In an explosive new interracial romance from bestselling author Mallory Monroe, Sal Gabrini finds that for all of his bravado and domination, his need to feel a woman’s touch may prove to be his greatest strength, and his greatest weakness.

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Sal Gabrini 3: Hard Love - Synopsis Via Amazon:

Business tycoon and sexy heartthrob Sal Gabrini works hard to maintain his numerous business ventures and his long-distance relationship with his super-sexy African-American girlfriend. Marriage is in the cards, but he knows that branding her with the Gabrini name could become more of a curse than a blessing.

But when a woman from his past asks for his help, and it nearly costs him his life, he and Gemma must rethink their entire relationship and if their love is strong enough to endure his tumultuous and often dangerous lifestyle.

In the latest installment of Sal and Gemma’s romantic story, the interracial couple discovers that the lessons of love can come at a very serious price.

Side Note: Start reading the Mob Boss Series ASAP! The link to Romancing the Mob Boss (Book #1)
 -->  Amazon Link

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