Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Book of the Month: [April 2014] MISERY By Stephen King

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Since we're nearing the end of March, the next 'Book of the Month' pick will be for April 2014.

I have to say, I'm uber excited for the next selection. Although I've read this creepy, yet, enthralling novel years ago and have watched the film numerous times, I suddenly got the urge recently to read the story again.

So, I have purchased a new hardback copy of MISERY by Stephen King. While I love the convenience of e-books, nothing compares to opening and reading an actual book.

However you choose to read this selection, be it a repeat, or for the first time...just enjoy the experience. Stephen King is truly the master of horror and rarely disappoints.

Some may have watched the film, but haven't read the book. Trust when I tell you, the book is one hell of a reading destination and I'm going to fully enjoy the riveting storytelling...once again.

As always... Happy reading! 

Synopsis via Barnes and Noble:

Paul Sheldon. He’s a bestselling novelist who has finally met his biggest fan.

Her name is Annie Wilkes and she is more than a rabid reader—she is Paul’s nurse, tending his shattered body after an automobile accident. But she is also his captor, keeping him prisoner in her isolated house.

Now Annie wants Paul to write his greatest work—just for her. She has a lot of ways to spur him on. One is a needle. Another is an ax. And if they don’t work, she can get really nasty.