Monday, March 11, 2013

Luv Reading!? Kindle Gift Card Giveaways Coming Up Next Month!

Bookworms get your read on! Next month, you will have a chance to win a kindle gift card. The winner will receive their gift card via email, so the card can be used immediately.

All participants of the giveaways must be:

1) A follower/member of this blog. It's easy to join, just click the 'join this site' button to the right of the page.

2) Have a valid email address

3) One giveaway entry per person [You may participate in all giveaways on this blog, just submit one entry per giveaway]

*Those are actually good odds at them moment. This is a new blog, so there aren't any members at the moment. If there are only 2 or 6 members at the time of the giveaway, the chances of winning are highly favorable. LOL - If there is only one person at the time of the giveaway, and they submit an entry, they win. Boom!

As always... Happy Reading!

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